Day 10 – Hairy Hikers

(62 miles)

Reluctantly we left the Wilders’ plush basement pad and were on the road by 8:30. After a lot of overnight rain (great relief not to be camping!) it was still overcast with the odd bit of drizzle now and again. So we all looked super-visible in our bright-yellow rain jackets.

This was the first day we rode into a strong headwind – hard work! But the day also finished with a 20 mile downhill stretch into the town of Damascus which was the perfect way to end a day’s ride.

Yeah - that's right!

A brief break in the rain at the top of one climb

We’re camped outside the Methodist church hostel, alongside a multitude of Appalachian Trail hikers. I’ll be honest: these hikers scare me. They seem to be part tramp, part wild animal. They’ve all been on the trail for over a month. I’ve never seen so many bushy beards and glazed expressions!

Matt and I are starting to worry about becoming the only TransAm cyclists to actually put *on* weight during the ride. We seem to be wolfing down calories like they’re going out of fashion and our money won’t be any good next week! Today for instance, I’ve eaten: 2 Pop-Tarts, a bowl of Cheerios, a ‘Honey Bun’, 2 chocolate bars, a steak and cheese burger, a MASSIVE ice-cream, a chicken wrap, loads of French Fries, and 2 pints of beer. And believe me, this is just a typical day. Watch out for Fatty McCulloch when I get back!



2 Responses to “Day 10 – Hairy Hikers”

  1. Rodney says:

    Any insights while doing the downhill stretch? You know, road to Damascus and all that?

  2. John says:

    Hey you wonderful people… Awesome job man, and the ice cream you are eating looks so delicious..

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