Day 14 – Keeping on truckin’

(64 miles)

Reluctantly we left our Hindman Student Ministries lodgings and continued our progress through Kentucky. Not the most scenic route today – we were stuck on busy main roads for most of the way with coal trucks bombing past all the time. Fortunately there was a hard shoulder. Unfortunately it was littered with stones, rocks, litter and other ‘vehicular detritus’.  You had to really concentrate to avoid riding over something that could cause a puncture or throw you off your bike. Luckily we’re getting quite adept at handling our bikes by now!

Parry set off early as usual and when we caught up with him we were amused to find he’d acquired a big stick to aid in his defence against the dogs. Apparently its quite effective.

Note the stick positioned for quick deployment

Climbing to another summit. (Rumble-strips are NOT my favourite thing!)

They love a bit of irony down in Eastern Kentucky...

I LOVE this sign.

Lunch times are just about my favourite time of the day. We’ve usually completed well more than half the riding by then and scoffing a huge meal feels totally justified. We take our time and rest our legs before setting off again. There’s usually some interesting characters around who’ll come over and chat. We’re still at the stage where answering ‘Oregon’ to the question ‘Where y’all goin’ to?’ is immensely satisfying!

We stayed tonight in Booneville. The Presbyterian church there has an area round the back of the church for cyclists to camp for free. There’s a basic (very cold) shower, porta-cabin, hose and a covered area. We spent a while washing our bikes after a few days of riding on wet roads, choked with coal dust. The library was just across the road and was open until 8pm which was exactly what I needed. Major blog update!


Now - if I could just find a way to attach this to my bicycle...

Patrick, Matt and I popped down the road to a local diner for some real home-cooked food and a slice of an amazing cherry cheesecake (also homemade). Parry cooked his macaroni and cheese back at camp. That man has has some will power!


4 Responses to “Day 14 – Keeping on truckin’”

  1. Neil Sneade says:

    Loving the updates, Graham. It’s especially interesting comparing your blog with Matt’s to see what you each consider noteworthy! No sign of road-fatigue yet (good, as you’re only 2 weeks into a 3 month trip!). I’m looking forward to when you leave the hills and the dogs behind and get out on the plains and we see your first 100 mile day.

  2. A.Sheila says:

    Look out for the tornados ahead Graham. You definitely don’t want to hit them. We’re having gales and (at times) horizontal rain here. Hope the weather bucks up for you!

  3. Dennis says:

    Hey Graham,

    Happened upon your blog online today as I was looking for a way to see what kind of weather this year’s TransAmmers are dealing with. Obviously this year there’s been a lot of flooding and tornado activity and I wanted to see how it was affecting TransAm riding. I rode the TransAm last year at exactly the same time and in the same direction that you’re doing it so it’s really interesting to follow your guys’ exploits. I am going to subscribe so I can keep up with you throughout your journey – you’re a great writer and it’s interesting to see how similar your experiences/photos are to what mine were last summer. If you have any questions about upcoming terrain/cities, just let me know. I’m jealous that I’m not out there with you this summer. Also, I live in Portland, OR, so if you need any help at the end of the line, just get in touch with me.

    Dennis Howe

    • Graham says:

      Hi Dennis – thanks for the message and glad you’re enjoying the blog! More updates on their way. Actually I’m planning to spend a few days in Portland before my flight out from there on the 2nd Aug, so may be back in touch about Portland etc!

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