Day 15 – Another warm shower

(51 miles)

We knew today was going to be relatively easy as we were just heading to Berea which marks the end of the 2nd of the 12 maps and we had the offer of a place to stay with another contact. Well, strictly speaking with a friend of a contact. It was still foggy and cold when we had finished packing up so while Parry set off, Patrick, Matt and myself went to a cafe for a hot drink, hoping the sun would burn through the fog while we procrastinated. Sure enough it did and today was the first ride in warm dry weather for about a week!

Early morning at Booneville Presbyterian Church

Stopping for lunch at Dairy Queen, we got chatting to a local chap called Dwayne Thomas who could be Jeff Bridges‘ long-lost brother. Fantastic guy – knew a bit more than most about bikes and cheered us with his humour and tales. Then he takes out his wallet, pulls out a $20 bill and asks if he can buy us dinner. As I’m about to accept, Matt does the British thing and politely declines but suggests that if he’d like to, Patrick is raising money for a charity so he could donate to that instead – which he immediately does.


Luckily we don't ignore road signs quite so much...

Once we got to Berea we spent an hour at the library updating blogs, checking other riders blogs, Facebook, emails etc. Then we rolled round the corner to Brett’s house. Brett is a friend of a contact who’d agreed let us use his back yard as a campsite for the night. After we’d set up and showered, Brett took us down to his local hang-out place, the Black Feather Cafe in old downtown Berea which they’re trying to turn into an artists area, so far with only limited success. We demolished some more burgers while listening to some of Brett’s mates playing a gig in the street outside the cafe. (“It’s kind of illegal. Whatever.”)

Wolfie - the Worlds Most Friendly Cat

Later we strolled into town and stopped at another cafe (Berea is the first ‘dry’ town we’ve come across – no bars, no alcohol) for a cheeky – and oh-so-fantastic – cup of tea. All-in-all a really enjoyable day.

Street-gig in Berea - "Its kind of illegal. Whatever."


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