Day 18 – Charming the ladies

(50 miles)

Determined not to be outdone by Parry, the rest of us were on the road by 6:50, complete with lights and rain jackets as dawn was being hampered by some lingering drizzle.

We toyed with the idea of boshing out a century ride (100 miles) today, but after 30 miles against a ludicrous headwind we thought better of it and opted for our only other obvious option, an easy 50 mile day.

Racing the Amish

After phoning round various campsites near the Rough River Dam State Resort Park and finding most were closed due to flooding and the couple that were open only had pit toilets and no showers, we stopped in at the general store in McDaniels for some lunch. We set our clocks back an hour this morning as we entered a new time zone so it was ridiculously early to finish riding. But so what, eh?

Having noticed a nice plot of grass round the back of the store, we proceeded to work our ‘nice young Englishman’ charm on the two women running the store. Sure enough, they were happy for us to pitch our tents out the back and use their restrooms. Another free night!

Just out of shot: Cadburys Dairy Milk bars. No kidding!

But perhaps today will be mainly remembered as the day I had my first Hogie. Now, as far as I know, Hogies are pretty common in the States and I’ve eaten a LOT of food here over the years. But for some reason I’ve never had a Hogie. Boy are they tasty! Like a cross between a hamburger and a Philly steak sandwich. Could be a new regular lunch order…

2 Responses to “Day 18 – Charming the ladies”

  1. Dan Gould says:

    ARRGHHH! There’s a phantom horseman in the Amish photo – the guy sitting next to the lady is TRANSPARENT. Only his hat isn’t ghostly.
    I didn’t realise ghosts could wear normal clothing. But anyway, back to fainting.


  2. Heather says:

    I updated myself from day 13-18 and it all sounds great, good work you and your team 🙂 keep going choo choo!

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