Day 19 – Fry my world

(80 miles)

Alarm went off at 5am tonight. Having crossed a time-zone yesterday we now need to get up even earlier to make the most of the cool of the morning. Bleary-eyed, I grabbed a cappuccino and muffin from the store, packed up a soaking wet tent and we set off. Today was probably the first ‘pleasant’ day’s cycling since about day 2. There were no monster hills and not too many rolling up-and-downs that tire you out even more. The morning stayed cool and cloudy before the sun came out in the afternoon.

So we’ve been in Kentucky eight days now and I’ve finally relented and got some fried chicken. Instantly regretted it. Sure – it tastes great. But I feel like I’m being unnecessarily cruel to my poor body as it tries its hardest to keep working efficiently. I really should cut it some slack and eat a salad. Hmmm. Maybe next year.

The bikes take a well-earned rest

Even the chickens are bigger over here

Straight roads are generally a good thing. Straight = flat.The coal is still chasing us...

Rolled into the little town of Sebree mid-afternoon not really knowing where we’d be staying. So we were properly delighted to find a cyclists hostel run by the Baptist Church in town. Its got everything! Kitchen, showers, mattresses, pool, air-hockey, table-tennis, lounge with a TV, washing machine and dryer. We’ve also caught up with Jim (mentioned in a very early blog) who’s been cycling on his own until now and just had some bike trouble yesterday. The pastor drove him to the next town today to get his bike fixed at a bike shop. People here just love to help – that’s as simply as I can put it!

In the evening the pastor’s wife cooked a proper feast for us – chicken casserole, Lima beans, mashed potatoes, macaroni cheese, corn-bread and mountains of healthy salad. Followed by chocolate brownies, ice-cream and strawberries! We all sat round the pastor’s table swapping stories and laughing lots. Also eating with us was their neighbour, 85-year old Glen, who’s wife had died just last week after 62 years of marriage. I can’t imagine what that must be like to start living alone after all that time. And speaking of being married for a long time, it transpired that today was the pastor and his wife’s 42nd wedding anniversary – and they’d shared it with the four of us who’d turned up un-announced just a few hours before!

An amazing home-cooked meal. Jim in the far seat.Oh yes!


3 Responses to “Day 19 – Fry my world”

  1. Bill says:

    Ahhh Hunts Brothers Pizza. Did a tour on the Underground Railroad Route last year and Hunts Brothers Pizza was a staple of dinner for about 6 meals I believe. Can’t say that I miss it! Enjoying reading the blog! Keep at it!

  2. Tim Clapp says:

    I’m glad you’ve found Jim. I was wondering what had happened to him!

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