Day 2 – Fortune favours the tired

(50.2 miles)

We started emerging from our tents about 7am and setting about our morning routing for the first time. Needless to say, it took us quite a while. There’s clothes to wash, tents take down and dry off, cycling clothes/kit to put on, sunscreen to apply, teeth to wash, breakfast to eat, ‘bathroom’ visits to make, panniers to pack, water bottles to fill, etc etc. Makes my housemate’s morning routine seem trivial…

We rode through mostly flat land, alternating new forest plantations and farmland. I’ve developed acute property-envy already; I totally want to buy an old wooden house in the country here. There’s just so many beautiful big houses here, all with those verandas with chairs where you can sit and enjoy the late afternoon sun and vast areas of immaculate lawns all around the house.


Lots of battlefields in Virginia

Jeff, a retired policemen and The Worlds Most Friendly Man, tends to lead from the front as we ride at the moment, making sure the pace is suitably sedate. He’s carrying about twice as much kit as the rest of us, both on himself and the bike 😉 Our navigation has been excellent so far – the ACA maps are surprisingly easy to follow. No need for the GPS just yet.


First flat tyre!


Negotiating a 'Closed Road'

Stopping off at a supermarket to pick up some dinner to eat at the campground, I was astonished to see someone recognise Parry and call out his name. ‘What the chuff?!’ I thought to myself – what are the chances he’d bump into someone he knows out here? Turns out it was the leader of an ACA tour that had started the day before us and Parry had met in Yorktown. They were staying at the same campground we were heading for – and we ended up getting a free night’s camping by piggy-backing on their booking. The rain this evening was more persistent so we all ended up in our tents at 8 and asleep by 9 as there was little else to do. Actually not all of us were asleep by 9. Matt was apparently up until 1:30am trying to get his Tumblr blog entry posted. That’s Android phones for you *cough, cough*.


We met hundreds of cyclists out for this local bike ride



Our overnight spot


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  1. Dustin says:

    I love to see the road block crossing, Mark in our group bloodied his leg from it

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