Day 20 – And relax!

(0 miles)

The cyclists hostel at Sebree Baptist Church was so great we pretty much immediately decided to stay another day as we were due a rest day. Lying in until 8am seemed like such a treat! I awoke to find Pat and Parry already on the sofas watching a girly film that, for their protection, shall remain nameless.

Patrick fixes his third flat of the trip

We popped into town briefly. Sebree has an old-school barbers that apparently gives free haircuts to passing cyclists (presumably for the benefit of the rest of society) but alas it was shut. There’s also an old pharmacy from which we bought ice-cream sundaes (of-course…) and an old, old bank which was apparently robbed by Jessie James – although I’m not convinced, looking at the dates.

Hard drugs

Sebree pharmacy. Good for ice-cream sundaes.

Sebree Bank - very cool. We weren't allowed to take photos of the vault. Obviously they'd had too many cyclists trying their arm at bank-robbery in the past...

Jessie James died in 1882. Go figure.

In the evening we were invited to join in the church picnic/BBQ (another free meal!).

Our evening film and then our early night’s sleep were somewhat hijacked by about 30 of the townsfolk who use the church’s basement (where we were staying) as a storm shelter. As the town’s warning siren went off, they all bundled in with their rowdy kids! Fortunately they’d pretty much left by 10pm and we were able to get to sleep. We’ll be sad to have to move on tomorrow – Bob and Violet have been fantastic.

Cycle-hostel aka storm-shelter


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