Day 21 – Ahhhh – the wind in my face!

(71 miles)

The weathermen had cited a 100% probability of rain today so we were less than enthusiastic about our chances of improving our cyclists tan. Sure enough, we were soon battling a ferocious head-wind which was soon joined by our old pal, the rain. It was a tough mornings ride to Marion where we ducked into a Macdonalds to dry off, use their WiFi – oh, and get some lunch. Here we discovered that Marion seems to be the most friendly town around. Everyone knew each other, they all came up to us and chatted, and one man even gave us a big bag of bananas as he’d got a load on special offer and had more than he needed. We set off in much better spirits – a good send-off from our last stop in Kentucky. What a mixture of experiences, scenery and people we’ve come across in our few days in this state.

You can see the level that the floods got to on these trees by the road.

No - Macdonalds are not serving bananas now. Unfortunately.

Amish country

About an hour later we were crossing the Ohio river on the free ferry and rolled off the other side into our third state, Illinois. After the obligatory ‘Welcome to state X’ photos, we pushed on another 10 miles to Elizabethtown where Parry had wangled us a spot for our tents in the lawn of a B&B.

Crossing the Ohio river into Illinois

State number three!

Looking back over the Ohio river

After a few nights of free/cheap eating, we felt able to splash out a bit so headed to the E-Town restaurant which floats on the Ohio river and serves up All-you-can-eat cat fish, coleslaw, baked, beans, potato salad and ‘hush-puppies’ (still don’t know what they are – but they taste good!). Two hours later we waddled out, knowing we’d all have a few extra pounds to carry on our bikes the next day! To my shame, I was in bed by 7:50pm, wiped out from the day’s riding and eating.All-you-can-eat cat fish – and fantastic service.

Eating on the river


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