Day 24 – Fever of the Hay

(48 miles)

Another day, another state! This time, after just two days in Illinois, we were crossing the Mississippi into Missouri – or Misery as some of Matts friends unkindly call it.

As soon as we hit the Missouri side of the Mississippi we were just buffeted by head-on wind that had us crawling along on the flats, working hard just to keep our bikes upright and going in a straight line. It was comical really – you just had to laugh. People say headwinds are worse than hills but I’m not sure. With headwind you only get really tired if you push too hard against it. Otherwise you just slow down and reach your destination a bit later – but the physical exertion isn’t the same as climbing. And it is only worse mentally if you let it be. A good playlist on your iPod takes care of that!

Once again I find myself in a ditch for a group photo

The mighty Mississippi

State number four!

Still, today’s ride was much harder than yesterdays, despite the similar mileage. We took turns leading into the wind and slowed our pace down to avoid over-heating in the blazing sun.

Yeah! Flat land!

We stayed at ‘Al’s Place’ in Farmington – its a pretty luxurious cycle hostel located in the old town prison-house of all places. WiFi, washer/dryer, beds, AC, TV – in theory another comfy night, but from the moment we arrived in Farmington until the time we left I was pretty much constantly sneezing and blowing my nose which would Just Not Stop Streaming! Dunno if I’m allergic to Al’s Place, Farmington or what?! I hope its not the whole of Missouri – that really would be a Misery.


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