Day 6 – The Uphill playlist gets its first airing

(54 miles)

Today was a tough day with plenty of climbing. Jeff and Parry set off early while Pat, Matt and myself faffed for a while before starting the hard work.


...and higher!

The Blue Ridge Parkway. Done.


I got my ‘Uphill’ Spotify playlist out for the first time today. Gotta say – whoever added the Rocky theme tune is a legend – it came on at just the right time! I’m loving listening to all these different tracks too and waiting in suspense each time a song finishes to see what’s coming next. Thanks so much to those of you who contributed tracks – they provide way more power than my old legs do.

After the climbing was a breath-takingly steep, long and winding descent to Vesuvius. My hands were aching from clutching at the brakes as, in a matter of minutes, we flew down the mountain that we’d taken so many hours to climb. At Vesuvius we got some more grub (burger) from the lovely ladies at Gertie’s Store – a must if you’re doing the TransAm.

Gertie's store - perfect rest-stop

Inside Gertie's

Every inch of every walls and the ceiling is covered with notes from passing cyclists!

Real Men drink Gatorade by the half-gallon.

May - National Bike Month. How convenient.


From there it was mostly gently downhill with a few more steep climbs before we ended up at a campsite just pass Lexington for the night – the first night we’ve had to pay for so far. Dinner tonight was slightly less glamorous – tuna and crisp sandwiches. But then out of the blue, Steve, a retired chap who now works at the campsite in the summers, offers us all cold beers from his RV! Steve is now referred to as ‘Steve the Legend’.

Dinner of Champions



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