Day 9 – On England’s pleasant pastures

(63 miles)

Not a lot to report today – riding was hilly but not too strenuous and the miles passed reasonably quickly. It was overcast all day and we rode through drizzling rain for about a third of the time. No interesting photos today, I’m afraid! The countryside (and the weather of-course) looked suspiciously British. Its like someone is playing a cruel trick on Matt and I. When the sun did make a brief appearance it quickly reminded us that actually its quite nice cycling under overcast skies – turns out the sun is pretty hot!

Tonight we have been blessed again with amazing accommodation. Jeff, having pressed on yesterday, used his legendary chat to wangle a night at a local church pastor’s house last night. And he was then happy enough to host to other four of us tonight as well! Basically we’re set up in the basement bachelor pad in this house – large living room with huge TV, computer, WiFi, couple of beds, table tennis table and bathroom to ourselves. Upstairs the kitchen is loaded with soft drinks, snacks and pizza – all for us to help ourselves to! So I’m currently feeling very spoilt but very content.

Nearly everyone you talk to here for any length of time will mention the economic problems in the last couple of years and its really obvious its affected nearly everyone here – people from all walks of life. And yet, nearly everyone we meet has been excessively generous in their help and generally just love to give! Britain could learn a lot…

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  1. A.Sheila says:

    Really enjoying your blog Graham. And looking forward to your next post! Hope the weather will improve.

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