It’s very exciting to receive mail from some of our fans. Here’s an email from one of our four-wheeled friends on the road (sent to Herman the day we stayed with him):

I really dont care for these darn bikers. All they do is stay in the middle of a lane and force people to drive around them. They really need to stop interrupting peoples lives and find some other hobby that is actually productive. Damn hippies.

6 Responses to “Fan-mail!”

  1. Too funny! We will never understand the hate from the auto-drivers. Safe travels out there.

  2. Rodney says:

    Brilliant! I guess you’ll have to grow your hair long now…

  3. Mark W says:

    Cracking blog so far mate, keep it going!
    By the way, I hope you have washed that white vest by now, you seem to have covered a fair few miles in it!

    • Graham says:

      I’ll have you know I have two white tops – and they both get washed very regularly! In many ways, good hygiene is what makes this trip bearable.

  4. Jeff King says:

    Hi Graham, I am flying back to Evansville in the morning , and so will be back on the trail out of Sebree on Friday morning.

    • Graham says:

      Hey Jim – hope you’re continued journey goes well. Do ask us any questions about places to stay etc! Matt will be able to text you back.

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