Day 47 – I did it highway

(45 miles)

The Adventure Cycling Association worked hard to create a route across America that avoids dangerously busy roads. Sometimes though, there really isn’t a viable alternative to a stretch of interstate (motorway to you in the UK). So today we ‘enjoyed’ our first taste of cycling on an interstate, the I-80. Only about 15 miles. Which was enough. There was a wide shoulder so we didn’t feel in danger really but it’s so much less pleasant to ride alongside countless thundering trucks. There’s also a greatly increased chance of getting a flat as the shoulder is full of debris and trash. You have to keep your eyes glued to the tarmac in front of you. There’s no time to look around and enjoy the scenery beyond the highway.

Blue sky! One of my favourite things in the world.

I-80 - Here Be Dragons

Highway men (a rare quiet moment)

Sinclair - not really a town - just a smelly oil refinery. Sinclair boast they are the 'most modern oil refinery in the West' and yet their logo is a dinosaur. Go figure.

Today was a short day as we needed to spend some serious time in the library updating our blogs with which we’d fallen behind. The fact that there was a well-known Thai lunch buffet in town (Anungs) had absolutely nothing to do with it… but I can definitely echo the recommendations of others – their food was a very welcome break from the burgers we normally live off.

I must have spent about four hours at the library updating my blog. Back on about day five I seriously considered giving up on the blog. The WordPress iPhone app didn’t work properly, I couldn’t upload and insert photos properly and even when I got on a PC it was often incredibly old and slow and rotating, optimising and uploading the photos was such a pain. I also quickly discovered that the last thing I felt like doing after a hard day of cycling was writing about it! But with the encouragement of a few friends I persevered and I’m glad I did. It’s really hard – sometimes it feels harder than the cycling itself – but I’ll be so glad to have a good record of the trip for years to come.

And for the entire duration of those four hours I had a kid sat at the PC next to me, playing an online game in which he insisted on adding his own sound affects and constantly (actually not constantly – it was only every 2 seconds) calling across the room to his mate who was playing the same game. Just as I was deciding whether to shove his head through the monitor or just to walk around behind the desk and ‘accidentally’ trip over his power cord, his online buddies got fed up with him shooting at his teammates and kicked him out of the game. Online buddies – I salute you!

We camped at the ‘RV World’ campground where they gave us a very reasonable rate and, for the first time on our trip, a cyclists discount. There was only one downside: we were back on the interstate hard shoulder. Or at least it felt like it was. Either way, we were lulled to sleep, soothed by the soft murmur *cough* of a thousand trucks passing just wide of my guy ropes.

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