Day 30 – Reverse Stalking

(55 miles)

We have a relatively relaxed schedule to stick to across Kansas as we aim to meet up with another rider, Sasha, in Pueblo, CO, in mid-June (someone tell me how many commas should have been in that last sentence!). So its nice to be able to ride at a more relaxed pace as we cross the flat plains of Kansas.

We had breakfast with some Swedish stormchasers. Slightly unnerving! We checked they weren't heading the same way we were...

We've seen collapsed barns like this all along the route from Virginia

I’ve started listening to podcasts to relieve the tedium of cycling in a dead-straight line mile after mile. Its amazing how well they help pass the time! If you have any suggestions for podcasts I should download,do leave me a comment. Currently it’s a mix of The Chris Moyles Show and Mark Driscoll sermons!

We stayed in Chanute tonight. The town is named after Octave Chanute, a railroad engineer who was also very important in the history of aviation. People even refer to him as The Father of Aviation. So there! What an educational blog…

At the campsite we met John and Bill who are heading East. They were great company and easy to chat to. We all headed into town later to a new Italian restaurant that had just opened – so good to get some proper healthy pasta! Bill managed to hitch a lift to the restaurant with a friendly local as his butt wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about cycling any more that day. Later, while we were eating the friendly local popped back in to tell Bill that it turns out there are no taxi companies in town and then gave Bill his phone number and told him to call him when he needed a ride back to the campsite!

We clambered all over this like little kids 🙂

Dinner with John (left) and Bill.

Back at the campsite we sat around chatting and drinking chocolate milk that John had bought everyone (he loves the stuff!). I wish these two all the best on the rest of their trip – they’re a great couple of guys.

John, talking about going West to East, reading my blog: “We’ll be reverse-stalking you – you won’t even feel a thing.”

3 Responses to “Day 30 – Reverse Stalking”

  1. Morag says:

    I recommend The Friday Night Comedy podcast from Radio 4 – to help keep you up to date with current affairs in the UK! It’s the only place I get my news from currently and it certainly makes my commute (well, 20 minute stroll) to work more interesting.

  2. Dan says:

    Correct, amount of commas. I, think.

  3. Neil Sneade says:

    Podcast suggestions – Radio 4’s A History of the World in 100 Objects (100 episodes of about 14 minutes each, so should keep you going) or, on iTunes U, Oxford University’s Medieval English Lectures (specifically the audio recordings of Dr Stephen Lee’s “Old English in Context” lectures, which are an excellent and engaging introduction to the history, culture and language of Anglo-Saxon England).

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