Day 31 – Eureka!

(66 miles)

Riding just after dawn when it’s cooler is great. In Kansas it also means there’s less wind as the wind seems to pick up with the heat. And on a Sunday in particular, it means there’s almost no cars. We passed only one car during a great first 15 miles down a quiet road.

Eh? Some deceitful person has stuck a hill in Kansas. A hill, I tell you! The cheek of it!

Sun, wind, hills - and now it would seem, the threat of a conflict with aliens...

Sure enough the wind and the heat increased but by then we knew we’d got a good number of miles in. A brief stop in what was practically a ghost-town and we cracked on, rolling into our destination, Eureka, about 12:45pm.

Looking mainly for A/C and WiFi we popped into Pizza Hut. Ended up all ordering the all-you-can-eat salad from the salad bar, which we proceeded to demolish while we watched a woeful woman’s football game on TV.

Parry and John & Bill had told us about the pool in Eureka and to ask for Becky when we got there. Turns out Becky, a mother of five and the swimming pool manager, regularly hosts cyclists at her home. We spent a lazy afternoon by the pool, watching kids nearly kill themselves as they leaped off the diving board in all sorts of contorted ways. Rest assured Tom Daily – your title is safe for the time being! Matt made the mistake of taking his t-shirt off for about 30 seconds and is now sporting some nice red shoulders.

Another hard day of cycling

Four other cyclists also turned up: Dave and Heidi who are heading East, and Joe and Scott, also heading East. In the evening we all trooped over the Becky’s house where we hung out and swapped stories around a barbecue dinner. I can’t praise Becky highly enough – recently separated, she is raising 5 kids, holding down two jobs, and still finds time and energy to entertain cyclists with no advance notice. It was quite inspiring to chat to her – she has such a big heart for other people and a simple trust that God will provide for her as she provides for others.

Scott plays us a tune (no - he didn't bring the guitar with him on his bike)

Dave and Heidi, from Alaska

2 Responses to “Day 31 – Eureka!”

  1. Mum says:

    I’m intrigued to know who the ‘woeful woman’ is who plays football…..

  2. Neil Sneade says:

    When do you pass through Smallville, and will you be camping on the Kents’ farm?

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