Day 33 – Lazy day


Quite frankly none of us wanted to go anywhere just yet so we stayed on the farm for another day.

In the morning there was a lot of work going on preparing the planting machinery for use. It wasn’t a great spectator sport so we mostly left the boys to it. Later I rode with Dave as he planted corn seeds in one of their fields. The tractor is equipped with GPS and a touch-screen PC with software that manages the planting. The tractor is kept on a straight line using a GPS auto-steer mechanism. Much easier than the old days! For the larger fields, they take a book out to read as the ‘auto-pilot’ guides the tractor down the mile-long straights.

Checking the planting machine

Tractor Software!!!

Feeding the calf

Most of the afternoon was spent eating and sleeping (well, it was supposed to be a rest-day after all).

In the evening we all went down to the local softball diamond to watch some of the boys play in a local league match. Tell you what – they breed them big over here in Kansas! I felt tiny amongst all the over-size farm boys. And I’m happy to report that ‘our’ team destroyed the opposition.

Further to the left was a coyote skin that Matt managed to knock off the wall...

Oddly enough, they weren't too keen on our suggestion of a spot of cricket.


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