Day 34 – Space geek

(66 miles)

I love the way that cycle touring opens up doors to meet complete strangers and make friends that hopefully I’ll keep in contact with for years to come. We all loved our brief stay at the Busenitz farm and I really hope I’ll find myself in this area again sometime and be able to pop in and visit. The Busenitz are a true example of a close-knit family that cares for and supports each other – I hope its contagious!

Denise and Ethan

But onwards we rode, making our way back onto the TransAmerica route from which we’d slightly deviated. The wind was still blowing strongly (40mph) across us from the south and the temperature was still in the mid to high 30s. But these trivial details don’t bother us any more – we calmly spun out the miles and arrived in Hutchinson in the early afternoon. After checking into the Zion Lutheran church cycle hostel in town, we headed like excited little kids to the Cosmosphere Space Museum. Why yes – not only are we making good progress riding across the country, we also have time to indulge in educational trips to local museums. What a well-rounded trip this is…

The Lockheed Blackbird - the best card to have in my old pack of Fighter Planes Top Trumps

Apollo 11 Lunar Module. Back in its rightful place in a tiny town in the plains of rural Kansas...

Actually I was quite impressed with the space museum – the space-race story is brilliant and they told it very well. We stayed nearly three hours – which must be a record for me and museums.

We rounded off the day with a quick dinner at Subway and a movie back at the hostel (‘We are Marshall’ – classic American Football drama). This trip just gets better and better 🙂

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