Day 35 – The long and not-so-winding road

(72 miles)

Today we had a 58 mile stretch with no services (and 48 miles of that was in on the same dead-straight road). Many folk have struggled with this section, running low/out of water and getting dehydrated etc. But not us! We stocked up with supplies beforehand (I bought an extra gallon of water to supplement my three water bottles) and went for it. In the end it wasn’t that big a deal. We had cloud-cover and only a gentle cross-wind for the first half of the distance and it never got too hot.

"Take a good look son. This is as good as it gets!"

The boredom was a bit more problematic, although this was relieved when Pat decided that the long, straight, quiet road was the perfect place to practice cycling horizontally. One moment we were all cruising along happily, the next I heard an almighty crash and looked back to see Patrick lying on the road with his bike, still clipped into his pedals. Apparently he’d been trying to swat a fly away and ridden into Matt’s back wheel which sent him crashing to the ground. Being a tough kid, he was back on his bike almost straight away with only a few minor grazes and a manly rip in his cycling shorts. Of-course Matt and I would never dream of rubbing it in by cracking jokes about the dangers of straight, flat roads…

With total disregard to the practice of learning from others mistakes, Matt and I made up a couple of cycling games that, in hindsight, should probably have immediately been dismissed as the foolish fantasies of the over-heated, over-tired rider. The first variant involved you closing your eyes and cycling for as long as possible without veering off the edge. The second variant, introduced after the first variant was quickly deemed ludicrously dangerous, required the second person to verbally direct the first cyclist so they could stay on the road. Needless to say neither of us were very good, with Matt twice careering off the road and into the sloping gravel run-off at the side. Unable to think of a safe alternative, we resorted to regular cycling. Yawn…

Larned city park is our stop-over tonight. Again, as cyclists we had free use of the swimming pool and the showers. Kansas is proving to be very bike-friendly!

The swimming pool tour continues...

Does *your* city park have coloured fountains?

3 Responses to “Day 35 – The long and not-so-winding road”

  1. Neil Sneade says:

    That swimming pool looks exactly the same as the last one you posted a picture of. Are you sure you’re not just cycling in circles?

  2. Corey says:

    Ok, seriously, this post made me laugh so hard. I’m glad you guys are having fun up there!

  3. Jessie says:

    Like the games..

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