Day 36 – By the clock

(68 miles)

05:00 Alarm goes off. Its cold!

05:01 I suggest an extra hour in bed

06:00 Alarm goes off

06:01 Get up and pack up

06:30 Eat two Honey Buns and two cereal bars for breakfast

06:40 Decide its still too cold to cycle so head to a local diner for a proper breakfast

08:30 3 pancakes, egg and sausage and 4 mugs of coffee later, we set off.

09:00 Stop 6 miles down the road to visit Fort Larned – a National Historic Site. Kansas is turning into quite the tourist trail for us!

11:00 After browsing and pottering around (its remarkable how the prospect of a long day of cycling increases your desire to spend time in a museum…) and chatting up/to the nice young female park ranger who was pretending to be a 1800s captain’s wife, we get going again.

I kid you not - this is one of the original buildings at a National Historic Site. It makes my house look old!

An old carriage

A genuine 1800s dunces hat. Hmmm...

Walmart in Kansas

13:00 Stop for lunch at Rush Center. Personally I would have been happy to rush right on by, but it was four hours since my second breakfast after all.

17:00 Thanks to a slight tailwind, progress is smooth. Arrive in Ness City. Head straight for ‘Frigid Cream’ (no comments, please!) for an ice cream and a root beer. Hits the spot nicely.

17:30 Check in with police (pre-requisite to camping in the City Park), pop into the pharmacy (Matt needs some medication. For the sake of simplicity I’ll call it ‘Butt Cream’.).

18:00 Water-bottle shower in the ladies rest-rooms (ladies rest-rooms are always nicer than the mens, so I’ve taken to just using them. Sorry ladies!). There are some kids playing a baseball game nearby. They have a ridiculously annoying call that they make as the pitcher throws the ball to try and put the batter off. There’s no way I would play baseball if I had to make that silly noise every single pitch. A foul ball almost hits me as I walk by, not paying attention.

19:00 Dinner at the local Mexican restaurant. Eating out is so much quicker here than in the UK. The waitress takes your order faster, the food is delivered faster and your bill/check is on the table before you’ve finished eating.

20:00 Return to the park. Discover a new Arch-Enemy-Of-Cyclists – the ‘Goat-head’ or sticker thorn. They were literally everywhere in the park. They can easily puncture your tire and still find time to rip open your air-mattress before you can say ‘get me to a motel’. Debate our options. Flat tires and flat air-mattresses are not much fun.

21:00 Discover a covered picnic table ‘building’ with mosquito netting all around it (you know, the kind of place with left-over food and lots of dark corners where mosquitoes can breed and feed but never escape). Decide this is our best option and set up our matts and sleeping bags on the picnic tables and (in my case) the floor).

21:30 Discover the park rest-rooms are locked overnight, just before we’d like to make use of them.

21:45 Smear face with bug-spray, cover entire body with sheet sleeping bag and go to sleep, praying it doesn’t rain as I’m right near the edge of the covered area!

2 Responses to “Day 36 – By the clock”

  1. Neil Sneade says:

    If I was doing your trip, I’d have to have enough cash for a B&B every night.

  2. Jessie says:

    Your latest overnight reminds me that I need to buy a mosquito net…. India looms.

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