Day 38 – Follow the little white line

(77 miles)

The wind was still blowing in our favour today so we set off in high spirits.

Its amazing how different the experience of riding is when you’re with the wind rather than against it. When riding against the wind, we ride in a line to draft behind each other, your arms and hands ache from keeping the bike on course, your butt aches from working hard on the pedalling and your mind aches from trying to keep positive! I tend to listen to music or podcasts to pass the time.

When riding with the wind though, we can relax, ride alongside each other, chat and just enjoy the scenery. Which we did all morning as we cruised through to our destination. On the way we crossed into our third time-zone (Mountain Time) and into our sixth state (Colorado). Now we definitely feel like we’re in the West!

Third time zone!

Colorful? Hmmm....

Perhaps the skill I have developed the most on this trip is that of riding on the white line marking the side of the road. Line paint in the US is thinner than in the UK so these painted lines aren’t ‘raised’ in the same way that they are back home. But the painted line does provide a smoother ride than the normal road surface. So often we’ll ‘ride the white line’ as much as possible which makes pedalling easier.

We’d been recommended a church in the tiny town of Sheridan Lake (population 66). It was Sunday so the one store in town was closed. We were all really hoping we would be able to stay at the church as the alternative would be to press on to the next town which would make today another 100+ mile day. So we were delighted when we stumbled into the church and found some people there. The youth group were making lunch and the pastor’s son immediately ran off to get his dad to show us around. We were given some of their lunch and then in the evening, joined in with their whole-church dinner. Either churches have whole-church dinners a lot or we’re just very lucky with our timing!

Church-Dinner-Crashers (the sequel to Wedding Crashers?)

I love American trucks. They are all kinds of awesome.

Also staying at the church were three retirees from Washington DC, Don, Bill and Curtis. It was fun swapping stories and comparing bike set-ups with them. They’re going at a slower rate than us so we probably won’t see them again after tomorrow.

(From left) Don, Curtis and Bill

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  1. Ryan Anderson says:

    Glad to see you found the church in Sheridan Lake. I recall trying to ride the white lines over any road cracks thinking the extra lick of paint might somehow smoothen the ride!

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