Day 39 – Chilling with Gillian

(92 miles)

We had the choice of a very short day today or a longer day which would give us time for a rest-day when we reached Pueblo. We pretty soon decided to push for the longer day as we were feeling strong and nobody felt like hanging around in another tiny town for most of the day with nothing to do.

The HDR feature on my iPhone is extremely annoying - I keep forgetting to turn it off, and it always creates a shadow on action shots ๐Ÿ™

The wind was a tad indecisive today. At times it would obligingly blow us along, and we’d smile and compliment it. But then suddenly, unprovoked, it would change and blow against us. And we would frown and scold it.

We passed a few more East-bounders today. In light of this being a public blog, I’ll just say this: What an interesting, diverse group of people TransAm cyclists are…


Dan and Steve - great couple of chaps sagging for Mike Freemantle ( He's riding from NY to LA in 21 days!

It was very hot and very dry by the time we crested a small hill and into Sugar City for a quick lunch break. In the distance you could just make out a faint outline of the Rockies. There was an excited flutter in my stomach in anticipation of the adventures ahead. Our ride will soon change dramatically as we start climbing in a couple of days time.

85 miles before lunch and 7 after isn’t an ideal split – but when towns are few and far between you have to be flexible. Today’s destination was Ordway, just a bit on from Sugar City. On arrival we pigged out on ice-cream from the supermarket (I had to buy a pack of 24 plastic spoons so we could eat our ice-cream!) and cooled off in the fountain in the park. As we were sitting there another cyclist shows up. He’s looking for somewhere to stay tonight so we invite him to join us at Gillian’s (see below). Andy is from Montana and is cycling to Tennessee where he starts a Masters next semester.

Sooooooo refreshing ๐Ÿ™‚

We stayed overnight at the home of Gillian, a ‘Trail Angel’ and also a host in Ordway. Gillian is from New Zealand and has dozens and dozens of animals (ducks, chickens, dogs, goats etc) on her land. Cyclists regularly stay with her as they pass through (they had 115 last year!) and they provide an empty camper van with mattresses for us to sleep in.

The neighbours

Gillian even lent us her car to drive back into town for dinner. After loading up on pizza we returned to our camper van and sat out on the deck area with some beers watching the daylight disappear and contemplating cycle touring for life. Andy is a great chap and I felt glad that he’d found some company at least for one night as he said he was getting bored of travelling alone. Hopefully he’ll catch some other East-bounders to ride with soon.


Sleeping on the deck.

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