Day 40 – Living on a prayer

(53 miles)

Despite riding alongside a railway track for the last few hundred miles we saw our first train today since Kentucky. Trains in the West are very shy….

Today we had an easy ride into Pueblo which marks the half-way point of our ride and, with a population of over 100,000 people, is easily the largest town/city on the route. Well, the ride was easy right up until Matt rode over some rough ground and got another puncture, just one mile short of the bike shop in Pueblo.

Check out the sign in the background!

Tomorrow we meet up with Sasha who will be riding with us as far as West Yellowstone. Sasha is a primary school teacher in Albuquerque, NM. She got in touch with me before the trip as she was looking for some riding companions for her first proper cycle tour. It’ll be great having some new (female!) company to freshen the ride up – not to mention wash our clothes and cook our dinners ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Great Divide bike shop was our first stop in town. Matt and I got new chains for our bikes. While we were there I casually asked the guys at the counter about where I might be able to buy a GoPro camera in town (GoPro cameras are the industry standard for ‘action cameras’ – used by snowboarders, motorcyclists, etc etc). 20 minutes later I walked out of there with the shops own GoPro camera which they’d only used a bit in-store and decided to sell to me at a ridiculously low price, even throwing in the 8GB SD card they’d added and knocking 10% off for the lack of a mini-USB cable. I can’t wait to make use of it. I can mount it on the bike or on my helmet (which admittedly does make me look like a real geek!). Should be able to get some cool video footage of riding!

The Great Divide bike shop in Pueblo - great service.

Hello ladies!

Round the corner from the bike shop was the Shamrock Brewing Company so we paid them a visit too. Well, it would be rude not to. Some great beers and their burgers are a bit special too!

A swift pint at the Shamrock Brewing Company

We’re staying two nights with David, a friend of Sasha’s who lives in Pueblo. David took us out in the evening to a little Mexican restaurant downtown which we followed up with frozen yoghurt. For those of you not familiar with frozen yoghurt bars, here’s the deal: Frozen yoghurt is actually pretty similar to soft ice-cream. You get a tub, fill it with as much as you want of whichever flavours you want. Then you pile on as many toppings as you want. Finally you weight the pot and pay by weight. If anyone knows of a similar place in Cambridge/London – do let me know! If not, someone go and set one up!!! Preferably in time for my return ๐Ÿ™‚

Frozen yoghurt - truely this is The Way.

Hello Calories, my old friend.


Trying out a new bike


8 Responses to “Day 40 – Living on a prayer”

  1. Neil Sneade says:

    What a goon! How much wind resistance will that camera add stuck on your head? Post the videos though. Well, when you reach the mountains anyway! Videos of endless flat, straight roads I can miss.

  2. Jessie says:

    Hi Graham,

    Nice photos – esp. the camera on your head made me LOL.

    Keep on pedalling!

  3. A.Sheila says:

    Graham – loved the photo of you with the camera, but don’t EVER wear it when you’re with me!

  4. LOVE the helmet cam. Wonder if you’ll be mistaken for a Google Cam!

    Congrats to all on passing the halfway point. Be safe!

    • Graham says:

      Thanks Laura – riding into the Rockies now as I type!

    • Graham says:

      Thanks Elizabeth. Sasha’s reply: “Tricycles around the block when I get home for sure – as long as my ass stops hurting!”

  5. Elizabeth M says:


    Tell Sasha we’re holding down the fort while she is working on developing monster quads over the Rockies. Kastan and Harry say they can still beat her in a bicycle race around the block when she gets back, provided she has to ride one of their tricycles. Jade and Yie sends purrs and kisses.

    Love the Albuquerque crew.

  6. Just got caught back up with your travels. Good stuff! Let us know what you think about the helmet cam.


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