Day 41 – Badabing badaboom

(Rest Day – Pueblo)

Rest days always seem to end up full of rushing around doing all the things you haven’t had a chance to do while you’ve been out cycling. Fortunately today was a bit more relaxed!

I needed some new iPhone earphones and a USB cable so I rode a couple miles down to a RadioShack. The two guys working there could not have been more friendly – I was told to bring my bike into the shop to keep it safe, they wanted to hear all about the trip, and they bombarded me with ideas for things to do whilst I’m in Pueblo. I’m not allowed to say they gave me a 50% discount on my fancy new Skull Candy earphones and the cable – so I won’t… But, along with The Great Divide bike shop yesterday, I’ve had a thoroughly enjoyable (and bargainous!) shopping experience here in Pueblo.

Big Mike and Ross. I forget which is which...

Lunch takes a bit of explaining. Here’s the short version: One normal day last year, Matt was on his way to work (in London) when two American girls asked him for directions to Heathrow. Fast-forward to today and, badabing badaboom, one of the girls drives down from Denver with another of her girl friends, joins us for dinner – and pays for everyone’s dinner! Matt – what can I say? That is impressive work! Jokes aside (and there were many!) it was a really fun time and Lisa and Tracie were a great laugh.

(From left) Tracie, a disbelieving Matt, Lisa. Just out of shot: more disbelieving onlookers.

Pat's mate Ben (2nd from left) also joined us for lunch

We head back to David’s house and chill out for a bit. Sasha arrives just in time for dinner, having been diverted about 2 hours because of the forest fires nearby. Its cool to finally meet her in person after chatting on the phone, emailing etc for a couple of months now. We feast on a mountain of spaghetti and Italian sausage, with ‘badabing’ bread (yes – that was what they called it!) from the Italian market. Later we head back downtown for a drink at The Cock and Bull, which does a reasonable job of pretending to be an English pub – except everyone here is obsessed with the Irish so there’s a strong Irish flavour to it too.

The Cock and Bull

David and Varina - what a cute couple. (David not as scary in real life! The camera does lie.)

3 Responses to “Day 41 – Badabing badaboom”

  1. James B says:

    Looks like an awesome time so far mate. Bet those legs are getting a bit of shape an all 😉

    Just one question, hour are you charging all this equipment? Do you have a bike based charger or are you relying on power points when you stop?

    • Graham says:

      Er…is that email address valid, James? *cough, cough*

      Mostly we get by with making use of power sockets in restaurants, bars, park pavilions etc. My iPhone 4 battery lasts a long time actually – WAY longer than Matt’s Android…

      But I also carry a Power Monkey Explorer. I leave the solar panel strapped on top of one of my panniers all the time, connected to the backup battery. If any of my devices runs out of juice and there’s no power sockets around, I can recharge it from the backup battery. This system hasn’t let me down yet.

  2. Neil Sneade says:

    Yeah, that looks like a bar not a pub.

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