Day 42 – Soy milk and after-dinner mints

(65 miles)

Poor Pat. What a time to discover you have an intolerance to soy milk! The cornflakes with blueberries and strawberries may have made a welcome change from cold pop-tarts but Pat was left with horrible stomach pains for the first couple of hours cycling.

We said our farewells to David and Varina – very accommodating hosts for two nights – and rode off as a mixed-gender group for the first time on the trip. For the first 10 miles we rode along the river bike path before rejoining the official route. The flat plains disappeared as we spun very gently uphill, with the first mountain ranges of the Rockies looming ever closer up ahead.

Ready to Roll!

Riverside bike path out of Pueblo

Keep rolling, rolling, rolling...

After about 30 miles of gentle uphill we were treated to a brilliant 10 mile downhill coast before stopping for a snack lunch.

We pushed on to Canon City, observed our ritual of stopping off at McDonalds to abuse their WiFi and A/C. Another 10 miles or so and we arrived at Echo Canyon campground where we pitched our tents for the night before heading across the road to the 8 Mile Bar & Grill for perhaps the best burger & fries of the trip so far. As we returned to our tents, the campsite manager strolls up and hands us some ‘after-dinner mints’ – truely a first in all my experiences of camping! I stayed and chatted with her and her husband for a while. They’ve just taken over the place so I was giving them some tips for attracting cyclists during the summer.

The weather changes FAST around here!

Campsite for the night - Echo Canyon campground at Royal Gorge


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