Day 44 – One short

(99 miles. A true cycle tourer cares not for superficial ‘century’ rides…)

Cycle touring is a cruel beast. It only takes one aspect to cause you problems and it can be misery. Unfortunately for our gallant companion from Pueblo, Sasha, there were a few aspects causing her problems. Her bike, although a handsome beast in its own right, was woefully inadequate for loaded touring through the Rockies. Her dietary preferences and needs, although very healthy, were in almost direct contrast to what is recommended for cycle tourers. And her new saddle, although very good, was still painful to ride on and had already caused some serious saddle sores.

And so it was that Sasha reluctantly made the decision to bow out of her Rockies adventure before the adventure turned into a nightmare. She’d obviously found the last day really tough – but had still kept smiling. Fortunately David (from Pueblo) was able to drive over and pick her and her bike up. (Side note: its always depressing how a day’s cycle ride is about an hour’s car ride!).  Sasha – it was fun having you with us, just wish it could have been for longer 🙂

So Matt, Pat (Cool Cat Pat, Fat Cat Pat, or just the Dark Horse – depending on the moment) and I set off. A bit too early. It was FREEZING! And we were totally unready for cold weather. Out came the spare socks for gloves.

Matt was very glad he still had some clean socks

Getting closer

We stopped off at Fairplay to buy some proper gloves and have a second breakfast while we waited for the weather to warm up. The Brown Burro cafe serves a fantastic breakfast – almost, almost, Denny’s standard.

Best Breakfast so far (not counting yours Michael. Or yours Laura. Or yours Denise)

Small-town Colorado fights back against the might of Walmart...

The final ascent up to Hoosier Pass, the highest point on the route, was hard work at that altitude but not too steep. At the top we met three brothers from Oregon who were putting in 100+ miles every day and had camped out at the top of the pass the last night and were now taking a rest day. Funny how we always try to take a rest day in a big town/city while their ideal place for a rest day was at the top of an isolated pass above the snow line!

At the top

Highest point on the TransAmerica - yesiree

The ride down the other side was awesome – should have some good video footage of it too from my new helmet camera. After taking a break in the very touristy ski resort town of Breckenridge we looked ahead at the next couple of days riding and decided it would work best if we put in a longer day today.  So, at 2:30 we set off for another 60 mile stretch. Fortunately it was mostly downhill and we knocked it out in about 4 hours.

View from Breckenridge (a ski resort)

Glorious bike path from Breckenridge to Frisco

Riding hard and late

We stayed in Kremmling at the Red Mountain RV Park where Jeff, the manager, gave us a special discount and even a free taxi ride to and from the bar where we had dinner that evening. I’m definitely feeling the love for these family-run campsites – a much better experience than the chain ones (as you might expect).

3 Responses to “Day 44 – One short”

  1. Sasha says:

    For the record, your “witty banter” was a life saver. At some point it did occur to me that the purpose of your story telling was probably to distract me from my sore butt and upset tummy. I hope you know how grateful I am for your encouragement and humor. You truly did save my day. Although… I’m still waiting for that cup of hot chocolate… hm. Maybe one of those 5 boobies stole it! Bah!

  2. Jessie says:

    OMG you rode UP to Breckenridge? I know people that have flown over and driven up there!!! What wimps…

    You’re so much better!

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