Day 45 – Bleugh

(80 miles)

Today was one of those ‘bleugh’ days when not much happened. So here it is in summary form:

  • Felt more tired and nauseous than usual. Jim suggested it might be something like altitude sickness.
  • Climbed up to Willow Creek Pass (felt mostly like we were going downhill – very weird)
  • Mosquitoes are EVERYWHERE. They have taken control of northern Colorado and are forcing all the humans to wear bug spray as cologne.
  • Rode down from Willow Creek Pass (felt mostly like we were going uphill – frown)
  • Stayed at Walden in the city park. Matt inadvertently tested how storm-proof his tent was by pitching near a sprinkler that came on at midnight. Mwahahaha!

(With HDR)

Willow Creek valley is BEAUTIFUL

(Without HDR - different valley)


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