Day 50 – Da boys are in Dubois

(76 miles)

Various other blogs had hinted that today’s ride could involve some serious headwinds so we set off early. I was riding by 5:55am. Matt and Pat took a bit longer getting ready but I expected they’d catch me as they tend to push a bit harder than I do.

I really enjoyed riding by myself, being able to go at just the pace I wanted and not worry about anyone else. The scenery was fantastic as I slowly climbed up the Wind River valley. Picture postcard log cabins with horses in lush green paddocks were flanked on one side by the rushing river and the other by towering rock formations which reminded me more of Arizona.

Riding up Wind River valley

Not just breezy

Wind River

The early start paid off and I made it to within 5 miles of our days destination, Dubois, before the fabled headwind picked up. Suddenly it was like riding through treacle – I was so glad we’d left early. Amazingly I arrived in Dubois a full hour before Matt and Pat. Dubois is pretty touristy but at least it’s lively. We spent a relaxing afternoon just floating around various shops and cafes. I chatted to some guys who work down the road at a summer camp for kids with ADHD etc – made me ‘homesick’ for Camp Allegheny in Pennsylvania where I spent three summers.

A giant Jackalope. I was too cheap to pay the $1 fee to sit on it for the photo.

The laundromat. Of course...

Some days on the trip have been tough in many ways. But I loved today – just enjoying the ride and not thinking about the finish. And I’m proper excited about the next few days. Tomorrow we reach the Grand Tetons and after that we head into Yellowstone National Park. Bring it on!

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  1. Jessie says:

    What is that beast?! Rabbit crossed with a reindeer… You’re in foreign territory.

    Scenery looks great!

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