Day 52 – Big water


Its amusing to see the differences between our groups blogging styles. Parry, who just uses Facebook, definitely wins the prize for emotional and spiritual content. But I console myself with the knowledge that my spelling is way better than his. Sadly though, it appears my own family prefer Matt’s blog to mine! It’s all those informative posts with photos taken with a proper camera. *sigh* – yep, if you want to see some better photos from our trip, check out Matts blog.

We've reached 3000 miles!

Today we ‘rested’ in Jackson. The day started well with a great breakfast of Starbucks coffee (first on the trip – oh how I’ve missed you!) and an amazing waffle that honestly tasted healthy!

For a while now I’d been hoping for the opportunity to do some whitewater rafting if we took a rest-day in a suitable spot. So today I seized my opportunity. First I went for a 13 mile ‘scenic float’ (including lunch – I’m no fool) down then upper stretch of Snake River. There was a large family group of 14, mostly from South Carolina – and me. It was so much fun chatting to the families – kids and parents – and as luck would have it, one of the guys, Foy, lives in Portland, OR, and has offered his place as somewhere to stay when I get there! Hooray for friendly Americans ๐Ÿ™‚

After a quick break back at the rafting centre I was back out for the 8 mile whitewater trip. Usually you expect these adventure sports guides to use all sorts of words like ‘gnarly’, ‘sick’, ‘sweet’, etc. But all they could say was ‘yeah, the water is BIG at the moment’. No photos, I’m afraid, but I had a blast, paddling at the front, getting soaked by every big wave. Half way through we got out for a BBQ dinner. After devouring my potato salad, pasta salad, grilled trout, corn on the cob and peach cobbler, I managed to wangle a full second meal, this time with steak. The biggest set of rapids, class 4, was known as the Lunch Counter. Lots of rafts had flipped on this in the last week or so with the high waters but we were expertly guided and rode them just right. Overall it got me itching to get back into kayaking again. Anyone wanna go find some whitewater when I get back?!

8 Responses to “Day 52 – Big water”

  1. Dad says:

    No way! WE LOVE your blogs – and so do all our friends here in Brum! Are you raising my hopes that you might reclaim your canoe/kayak when you get home?????

  2. Mum says:

    Definitely enjoy your blogs hugely, just appreciate Matt’s alternative angle. Does spelling include apostrophe’s? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Neil Sneade says:

    Yeah, I’ll join you on the famous Cambridgeshire rapids. I hear shooting Baits Bite Lock is a rush and everyone knows that the River Ouse can get GNARLY!

  4. Jessie says:

    In India?

  5. Tim Clapp says:

    I gather there us some good white water in the Les Valley. Might be a bit busy next August though as they have some event there or something…

  6. Nothing wrong with your BLOG. Great write-ups and your photos are just fine. Keep it up. Being down in Florida, it amazes me that you’re cycling where there is still snow on the ground. How about that bear killing? Unreal!

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