Day 53 – Please sir, I want s’more!

(84 miles)

Today ranks right up there on my ‘That was a Good Day’ list. Possibly top 5 even. As usual with these days it’s hard to explain why in writing or even with photos but here goes.

For the first 40 miles of the ride we spun back up Snake River valley right under the Grand Tetons. For about an 8 mile stretch we had a bike path that was separate from the road. It was like riding through one long 3D postcard. Blue sky everywhere, lush green meadows speckled with yellow flowers, the odd gushing creek, still lakes glistening in the early morning sunshine, and then the Tetons, shooting majestically skywards into the clear blue. For once there was almost no wind. As we stopped by the lake to take photos there was almost a reverential stillness as if all of nature was holding a pose for us.

The Tetons

Best bike path ever

I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore...

If only every gas station had one of these

What a tourist!

Lewis River Canyon

Something that has really surprised me is how much snow there is. It’s nearly July but Yellowstone is still covered in snow above 7000 feet! We had to find the gaps between the snow drifts in which to pitch our tents at the campsite at Grant Village.

Camping in Yellowstone

In case you’re thinking of passing through Yellowstone, I can highly recommend Grant Village. The campground staff were friendly, cheerful and professional, the facilities were immaculate, and dining at the Lake House overlooking Yellowstone Lake was a bit special.

After dinner we headed back to the campsite, made a fire, and stuffed our faces with s’mores. Probably my favourite day of the trip so far!

Our first campfire of the trip

I'll have s'more of that!

Has anyone ever been so proud of their marshmallow roasting achievements?


2 Responses to “Day 53 – Please sir, I want s’more!”

  1. Ryan Anderson says:

    47mph was also my record, touché. Don’t worry abou the photos, they can wait. Just enjoy the rest of the ride. Oregon is beautiful.

  2. Jessie says:

    BEAUTIFUL photos. Very jealous of scenery and food!!

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