The Stats

The 'pot-hole count' value sadly wrapped around after the 9999th pot-hole, so here is the odometer reading instead


Here’s some facts and figures from the trip. I didn’t bother to note down random things along the way such as the number of roadkill deer we passed (lots) or the number of McDonalds we went to (even more), but the following should provide a useful overview:

  • Total number of days: 69
  • Number of rest-days: 7
  • Total miles cycled: 4205
  • Number of states crossed: 11
  • Average miles per day (incl. rest-days): 61
  • Average miles per day (excl. rest-days): 68
  • Total time spent on the bike: 339 hrs, 21 mins
  • Average speed over the whole trip: 12.4mph
  • Estimated number of pedal rotations (assuming 85 rpm): 1,730,515
  • Total cost of accommodation*: $153 (about £93.33)
  • Average accommodation cost per night*: $2.30 (about £1.40)

* This excludes the splurge in Jackson, WY – which was a detour and not on the route anyway!

For a detailed breakdown of the trip on a day-to-day basis, you can view this Google Spreadsheet, which is also embedded below:

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