Day 57 – The Path To Wisdom

(69 miles)

One of the best things about staying in a home overnight is getting a proper breakfast in the morning. I actually quite like my standard of a couple of cold pop-tarts and a granola bar but you can’t beat a big bowl of cereal, coffee and some toast for a good start to the morning. We thanked George (Mary Jo was still in bed – lucky thing!) and set off again.

Early morning climb


Every day on our trip we pass people in cars that wave and/or toot their horns. This in itself is amazing – I can’t think of any time in the UK where I was given a friendly wave by a car driver as I rode my (fully-loaded) bike. However, the number of these waves has now exceeded those given to Will and Kate following their little wedding ceremony. Honestly, if we’d taken the time to wave back each time I could pretty much claim to be the first person to cycle the TransAmerica one-handed. So instead we probably appear to be aloof, grumpy or just plain spaced out. But inside we’re waving, and it is comforting to know most drivers on the road here actually like cyclists!

I have a cycle computer attached to my handlebars and connected wirelessly to a sensor by the front wheel. For most of the trip I have had it displaying the day’s mileage on-screen. This works very well in conjunction with our route maps for navigation as all the turn instructions are based on how many miles they are from a particular point. Recently though I’ve discovered that the ride is more enjoyable/tolerable when I hide the mileage count and just show the clock. I found I was getting frustrated by how slowly the miles would tick by. Now I’m able to just ignore the cycle computer completely and just keep pedalling until we get there.

We climbed two more passes today and then had a long flattish ride along the Big Hole valley into the town of Wisdom. Personally I don’t think it was very wise at all to put a town in the middle of a desolate mosquito-infested valley but each to their own, I suppose.

If only...

Store in Wisdom

We hung out in the bar and then embarrassingly ordered EXACTLY the same three meals (same meat, same sides, same drinks). I think the fact that these days i feel like having a beer at the end of a days ride must mean I’m getting used to this cycle touring lark. For a lot of the trip A beer was the last thing I felt like when I arrived at the day’s destination. But now we’re managing the riding with more ease and consequently feeling more up for a post-ride ale. A rather expensive development, I might add!

This is not how to rehydrate!


I just had to have some fried grease with my salad...

Our overnight spot was a tiny park just outside town called the American Legion park. There was a pit-hole toilet, a hand pump for water and lots of picnic tables. Due to the mosquitoes, today was the first day on the trip when I wasn’t really able to take any sort of a shower/wash. Our sleep was somewhat delayed by the hundreds of cows in the fields surrounding our park area that seemed to be totally panicked (or was it delighted?) by our presence and were trying to scream for help (or shout hello?), obviously with little success.

View across the road from our camping spot


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