Day 59 – Spontaneous Popsicles and the UM Flat

(50 miles)

I don’t know how wholesome your breakfast was this morning but I guarantee it doesn’t come close to mine! Coffee, wholemeal bread and home-made jam, cottage cheese pancakes (better than they sound, ‘good because they’ve got protein in them too’) with syrup, and natural, unseeetened yoghurt with loads of different nuts, seeds, fruit and other random things, each accompanied by an explanation of their nutritional value – it was a truly delicious and educational breakfast!

Photos were taken, addresses exchanged, farewells said and re-said and then it was time to leave. Once again I felt like I could have happily spent the rest of the summer right there. But we must press on. It was mid-morning by this time and already hot.

Half an hour down the road a car gives us a toot and pulls over and stops just ahead of us. Out jump Brian and Laurie, clutching more popsicles! “Spontenaity – that’s what it’s all about!” says Brian with a huge grin. More goodbyes and we ride off, grinning ourselves as we munch on our icy treats. I just have a feeling this won’t be the last time I see these two – Montana had suddenly jumped up on my list of places to come for a vacation!

Brian - The Popsicle Kid

The ride into Missoula from Hamilton was a mixture of busy roads with no shoulder and bike paths with bumps, twists, turns and hills that made you long for the busy road again.

We’re staying two nights (tomorrow is Independence Day so we’re taking a rest-day to join in some celebrations) with another warmshowers host, Micah. Micah is an Environmental Studies grad student and lives in a special house (the ‘UM Flat’) leased from the university for free in exchange for working on the house to demonstrate improvements in sustainability within an urban house. Or something like that. They have a spare room and love to host passing cyclists, hikers, etc.

In the evening we all headed out for dinner and drinks at a local brewery – the first time in quite a while we’ve hung out with a group of people our age. Good banter and good beer. Just some more of the hardships we cycle tourers must bear.

Kate and Micah

The UM flat vegetable garden


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  1. Jessie says:

    Happy Independance Day!

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