Day 62 – A River Runs Through It

(98 miles)

What can i say? Today was beautiful. 90 miles downhill along the gorgeous Lochsa River valley. Warm sun, no wind. Idyllic.

Oh – except for the ‘Oversize Vehicles’ thundering by. First you see a pickup truck with the big ‘Oversize Vehicle’ warning sign and you nervously cycle on, wondering what might be following it. Then a huge truck with some random load (farm machinery, industrial equipment, large house…) appears, absolutely hooning it. Seriously, they’re not exactly cautious! There’s just enough time to pull over off the road to avoid being blown off the road as it passes.

One of the 'pack-bridges' along the way

Nope - this wasn't part of the route

Bridges are ace. Fact.

Would love to kayak down here sometime

(Correcting the 'cycle-photos to food-photos' ratio)

We've now had wall-to-wall sunshine for several days. Whoop!

Matt leads the way

At one point along the route I was looking up ahead and saw some movement in the shadows under the trees on the far side of the road. As we got closer, it was clear something was lurking in the lay-by. Ooooh, I thought – maybe we were finally going to see a bear or even a moose! But then the shape moved out of the shadows and I saw that it was not a moose but in fact another cyclist. Almost hidden behind a mountain of stuff. And this is how we met Dan. He’s been on the road for 17 years, travelling around and working occasionally – a self-proclaimed vagrant. Dan was carrying at least 200 pounds of stuff with buckets for rear panniers and home-made front racks. He was real friendly and talked almost non-stop about places he’d been, places we might see and life on the road. I was actually surprised by how ‘normal’ he was, given the crazy bike set-up and the 17 years on the road. It would have been cool to spend a few days with him to find out more and see what makes him tick. I wonder what you miss when you’re living on the road? Does he have any major regrets? Would he change anything if he could go back and ‘re-do’ the last 17 years? Or has this been his dream trip of a lifetime? Only Dan knows…

Dan gives us a wave

You can hardly see Dan behind all his stuff!


I tried again to sort out the photos on my blog. But WordPress would just screw it up every time I tried to save my work. After another two frustrating and wasted hours I finally threw in the towel – no more photos uploaded until I get home and can sort something better out. Its just not worth spoiling my trip by getting worked up over computer problems – there’ll be plenty of time for that when I return to work!

As you can see, I’ve now added photos! (Took a combination of upgrades and understanding how to circumnavigate WordPress’s bugs!)

Now that we’re back down at a lower altitude it is noticeably warmer. At 6:30pm it was still 34 deg C. We ate dinner in the town of Kooskia and then pushed on a bit further as there were a couple of campsites that we thought looked good for tonight. When we got there though we were told they wanted $10 each which was more than we wanted to pay. So we got back on our bikes and cycled into the next town, Kamiah, (only a couple more miles) where there was a great little city park in which we could camp. We slept in the pavilion in our sleeping bags as it was still really warm and there was no rain forecast.

Some of our two-wheeled brothers

There's got to be a story behind this...

Oh, hai there!



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  1. A.Sheila says:

    Don’t worry about the photos. Not worth stressing about. We just like to read your news! (Besides I can take a sneaky look at Matt’s.)

  2. Neil Sneade says:

    Most. Ridiculous. Beard. Ever!

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