Day 64 – Walla load of wind

(73 miles)

We got up at 5am, hoping to beat the wind. But the wind had obviously caught wind of heard of our plans and had started blowing hard before we’d even set off. We toiled along the valley floor all morning, taking turns to lead into the wind. It was mentally very tough, especially when you were leading. When you’re behind one of the others, its way easier to pedal and consequently your mind is more relaxed and positive. I got the iPod out much sooner than I usually do and listened to podcasts all day to keep me sane. At times the landscape resembled some sort of Kansas nightmare, with a harsh sun beating down on vast fields of wheat all around, but this time the fields were all warped and wrinkled. The road weaved up and down and around but always the wind seemed to be blowing against us. If it wasn’t for the distraction of the podcasts I think I would have lost the plot!

No wonder its so windy, what with all those fans on the hillside...

Eastern Washington - Kansas on drugs

Wind really isn't photogenic

We hung out in Walla Walla for a bit (love that name – well done Washington, very entertaining). Pat got a new rear tire at Allegro Cyclery as the rubber on his old one had worn through completely and I got some frozen yoghurt as I hadn’t had anything sweet and calorific for at least 2 hours…

I’d found another warmshowers host for the night. Alice, Zeke and Jesse all live and work on a little organic farm just to the west of Walla Walla. They live outside in tents during the summer as its cooler outside (and there are no mosquitoes around here!).  There is a kitchen hut out there, an rudimentary outhouse, an outdoor camp shower (fill a bag with water, hang it from a tree and open the shower head attached to the bag), a plumbed sink, picnic tables and chairs and a campfire. As we were just next to the creek, Matt took a quick dip. It was only about a foot deep and not massively clean so I didn’t bother.

The 'bathroom'

The 'living room'

The camp sink area

Matt braves the icy water to take a dip

I wasn't even tempted to get in myself


Alice, Zeke and Jesse were out for dinner so we were left to our own devices for the evening. For the first time on our trip we *gasp* cooked ourselves a meal. And *gasp* it was pretty good. We’d bought pasta, sauce and sausages from the store and added some fresh vegetables from the farm as well as some feta cheese and walnuts on top. It would certainly be a hassle cooking like this every night of our trip but as a one-off it was quite special. We even lit the candles. All that was  missing was a bottle of wine!


Not a bad spot for camping

Day 64 - finally our first attempt at cooking. Note the candle!



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