Day 68 – Close, but no cigar

(62 miles)

60 miles is now considered an easy, short day so we had a relaxed breakfast, chatted with Dennis some more about our plans for the rest of our time in the States, and then set off into the Portland drizzle.

The terrain now is fairly easy. None of the climbs are long, the gradients are still reasonable, and the road surfaces in Oregon are much better than, say, Colorado and Wyoming.

Crossing St Johns Bridge in Portland

Thank you Oregon - I feel so at home now!

We stopped for the night in the town of Clatskanie, just 36 miles from Astoria, the official end of the TransAmerica route. We could have got there today but there’s nowhere good to camp in Astoria and anyway we wanted our last day to be easy with lots of time to enjoy it. We had our last dinner as a three (Mexican. I’m getting quite good at ordering ‘custom’ dishes now: “Well, what I really want is… but I don’t see it on the menu. Is there any way you could…? Oh – that’s great, thank you!”), pitched our tents for the last time (in the city park, in the rain), and had a preemptive celebratory drink (chocolate milk – Drink of Champions).

Tomorrow it all ends.

3 Responses to “Day 68 – Close, but no cigar”

  1. Simon Braschi says:

    Dear G Force,

    This is too sad. But remember, everthing has an end.

    Except a sausage, which has two.


  2. Jessie says:

    So you think you can customize all menus in the states now just because you’ve ridden across it? pfffff.

  3. Roger M says:

    Well done G-dog. Nearly there. What an adventure! I hope the ride in is good fun.

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