Pack a laptop if you’re gonna blog while cycle touring!

I can’t tell you how much of a hassle it is to get photos uploaded from my phone and captioned etc in WordPress. The biggest change I would make to my kit if I do another similar tour is to bring a laptop so I can easily write my blog posts and upload my photos. WiFi is generally available but access to a PC (that isn’t from the 90s) is tough to get – and libraries recently have been really stuffy about how long I can stay on the PC for.

So I may just publish the last several days of posts without photos and then add the photos later. Otherwise I’m not sure when they’ll get published as we’re back in the middle of nowhere now!

3 Responses to “Pack a laptop if you’re gonna blog while cycle touring!”

  1. Neil Sneade says:

    Should have brought an Air.

  2. Tim Clapp says:

    Android phone? *ducks*

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