The Trip


I’m cycling across America!


On the 5th May 2011 I fly out to Newport News, Virginia, USA to start a 4262 mile cycle ride across America.

“But hang on a second!” I hear you cry – “You have a job!”. Well indeed I do, but (he says smugly) the kind folk at Cambridge Consultants have agreed to give me a three month sabbatical in the hope that I’ll get this childish desire for adventure out of my system and return to the more adult adventure that is ***Software Engineering***.

So yes, while the rest of the UK enjoys a typical summer of rain delays at Wimbledon, beach trips to Skegness and, if they’re lucky, the odd day of shorts weather, I’m gonna ride my bike.

A lot.

Your summer?

My summer!


I’ve set up this blog with a dual purpose:

  1. To record this experience so in years to come I can look back and marvel at what a silly fool I was.
  2. To provide a way for anyone kind enough to take an interest in my trip to follow along with my escapades (and maybe even comment on my posts…!).

Hopefully I’ll be posting an update on this site most days along the trip – although this will obviously be dependant on internet connectivity (and writing motivation). In addition I’ve also written some bits about the folowing topics:

  1. The route I’m following
  2. The equipment I’m taking
  3. FAQ – all those questions I get asked a thousand times!

Got a comment on this? Use the form below – I like comments 🙂


25 Responses to “The Trip”

  1. Liz Powell says:

    you are a lunatic but at least you’re pushing lunacy to the nth degree and doing something awesome x

  2. Kat Ball says:

    I had a friends who recently did the ‘Garden Route’ (Port Elizabeth to Cape Town, South Africa) on scooters not particularly made for going that far!

    And I thought that was impressive…!

    Best of luck with all the preparations (and congratulations in getting your company to give you a sabbatical!)

    I enjoy following random blogs – this one is def going to the top of the list so I can enjoy hearing of all your escapades!

    Hope all is well x

  3. Jonesy says:

    Even though this is something I can’t ever see myself doing, I find myself insanely jealous that you’re doing it. I’d love to cross the States like that. Maybe not the bike thing so much, but what an amazing experience. Good work McCulloch.

  4. Nate says:

    Welcome to stop at my place in Pittsburgh if you like!

    • Graham says:

      Ah – if only it was on my route! I did think long and hard about how to do a trip that would take me through Pittsburgh. Next time maybe.

  5. Peckboy says:

    Remember the puncture kit.

  6. Virdi says:

    Good Luck Graham. Stay safe.

    There has been a lot of controversy involving cyclists and steroids, I hope you would come out clean. 😉

    And who is taking care of the new recruits during summer hockey? 🙂

    • Graham says:

      That’s your job Bhav (the recruits, not the steroids…). I expect our numbers to have doubled when I get back!

  7. Ninjim says:

    Awesome! Creepy “about me” photo though.

    Be good to see what you’re riding. I guess it must be something like this:

  8. Allison E says:

    That’s a lot of miles. Are you going alone? I will pray for your mother, who will probably worry a lot!

    Do you think you could arrange to be in San Antonio at the end of May? I’ll be there 🙂 NOT via bicycle, in case you were wondering…

    Be safe and have fun.

    • Graham says:

      Hey! Actually my mother is more worried that I’m going to break something snowboarding this week and not be able to do the trip at all. She may have a point…

      Sadly San Antonio is nowhere near my route 🙁 You’ll just have to rearrange your plans!

  9. Manu Bhardwaj says:

    Q. What makes a person who wants to cycle 4262 mile a lunatic or a legend?
    A. A pert bottom (wife said that), a lot of flap jacks and bucket of vaseline for the chaffage (i said that).

    Sounds like a great adventure, good luck!


  10. AuntySheila says:

    I’m so glad Matt is going with you. All the way. He’s a brave soul. Really enjoying your blog and you haven’t even started yet..!

  11. Matt Armstrong says:

    G, I’ve hooked you up with a phat system, you can cruise the USA in style!

  12. Michal Murphy says:

    Hey Graham!

    I love your blog. Best of luck to you on your Transamerica journey! It’s pretty cool that you could pull off something like this (well, we’ll see in 90 days… won’t we) and, can I come work for your company? Three months off? Yes, please. I’m guessing your coast-to-coast route doesn’t include SF, but if you have some extra time to kill once you get to OR, swing on down! Would be great to see you again.

    Godspeed & Hope your legs hold up!

  13. sum sum says:

    Kansas eh?

    Just click you heals together three times…

  14. Robby Poore says:

    Howdy Graham! Nice blog. Enjoy the ride. I posted a link for you,my Father rode his bike (eastbound) across the US in 1997, and posted updates to his website (in the time before they were known as blogs!). Ride safe, looking forward to more posts.

  15. Alistair Morfey says:

    Hi Graham

    Well done. You’re doing fantastically. Are you enjoying it ?

    Cheers, Alistair

    • Graham says:

      Hey Alistair – just had a look at your blog. Great stuff! Will be fun to swap experiences when I get back. I’m still enjoying it – although I’m starting to think about the end now, which is dangerous! However, I’ve just looked at some photos of the Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone (where we’re headed in a few days time) from someone who did it last year and it looks absolutely amazing. So that’s given me fresh excitement for the rides ahead!

  16. Jude Jackson says:

    Wow man I think what your doing is insanely awesome. On the 20th of November 2011, I will be embarking on a trip from Johannesburg to Cape Point in South Africa on a bicycle too, Its nowhere near the amount of miles ur covering, my trip is a mere 1393 km, but I can’t wait 🙂 anyway God bless and God Speed 🙂

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