The Route

I’m following the TransAmerica Trail which is a route that was established for Adventure Cycling‘s celebration of the U.S. bicentennial in 1976. As the Adventure Cycling Association’s website puts it:

This classic ride offers everything you would expect from a transcontinental crossing. You’ll encounter all kinds of scenery and terrain, including ocean coastline, lush forests, high desert, mountain passes, snow-capped peaks, sweeping vistas, expansive plains, fertile farmlands, rolling hills, and wide rivers. You’ll pass through small, out-of-the-way towns in America that still serve up some of the best home-cooked meals and fresh-baked pies.

I’m travelling East to West (that’s right to left for the geographically-challenged reader), starting in Yorktown, Virginia and travelling through Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana before finishing (hopefully!) in Astoria, Oregon. Total distance: 4262 miles.

Doesn't look so far on a little map...

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  1. Charles says:

    Decimal place missing I guess “40262 miles” or are these US miles and not Imperial miles? Them Yankies always did make things bigger than they really are.
    I like the site.

  2. Neil Sneade says:

    40262 miles! Think you should be able to shave a few off that…

  3. Rob Barton says:

    Wow, Graham, that’s the length of 75,044 hockey pitches! No wonder you are taking your bike…. 🙂

    Enjoy the ride and good luck!

  4. Alex Iball ( was walker) says:

    Hi graham
    this looks exciting! I’m a little envious – of the sabatical and adventure that is not the cycling!
    the route looks incredible, enjoy!

  5. Dianne Wood says:

    Amazing, Graham! Your mom (I guess I should say “mum”… but to me, that’s a flower) put me on to your blog, will be most interested to follow your trek through our country. Sorry you have to go through Misery… I mean, Missouri, but that’s just our family opinion! We’ll be in Arizona in June for the birth of our son Ben’s first child… we’ll wave!

  6. Lydia Gaston says:

    I love it! I’d never do it but thank you for providing something interesting for me to read in the midst of my everyday life in May – August. Have an incredible time and be sure to post tonnes of photos. Lyd x

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